5Dolls – Like This or That (MV + Live Performance)

The sub-unit group of Co-Ed School, 5Dolls (consisting of the five female members of Co-Ed School) had released their latest music video last May 11, 2011 entitled “Like This Or That” from their second mini-album “Time To Play”. The music video is really addictive to listen to and with its enticing and sexy dance moves had made this music video a hit in various music programs and internet sites. Watch this MV below.

Also watch their live performance


Sistar19 – Ma Boy MV + Live Performance + Dance Practice



Sistar19 (sub-unit group of Sistar) featuring members Bora and Hyolyn had released their digital single entitled “Ma Boy”. The music video “Ma Boy” had a nice pop-music tempo. The concept of the MV explicitly shows the girls maturity and sexiness with some sexy dance moves which will surely impress most of their male fans. Watch their MV below.


Watch their Live performance

Watch also their dance practice video



A PINK – I Dont Know MV (english subs) + Live Performance

Introducing the new and fresh girl group “A-PINK” managed by Cube Entertainment (which produced artists like 4Minute, G NA, and BEAST). A seven-member girl group debuted last April 19, 2011 with their debut album “Seven Springs of A Pink”. Their music video entitled “I Don’t Know” featuring Gikwang from BEAST shows their different charms and beauty in a wonderful Spring season. Watch their MV below.

(click on the “cc” button for the english subs)

Watch also their Live Performance (Debut Stage):



Secret – Oh Honey & Starlight Moonlight (Comeback Stage / Live performances)

Quartet girl-group Secret had officially made their comeback earlier this month and performed live with their two latest songs from their second album (Starlight Moonlight) on Mnet’s M! Countdown. They sung/performed “Oh Honey” and “Starlight Moonlight” which the concept of the songs shows cuteness and/or sweetness of the girls. It also has a taste of the early western 50’s music & fashion. Watch their performance below.

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Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – Great Escape & Mr. Taxi (Live Performances)

After the start of their successful concert tour in Osaka, Japan last May 31. Girls’ Generation (SNSDShoujo Jidai – Japanese term for Girls Gen.) once again promoted on AsahiTV’s Music Station earlier today and performed two songs from their 1st Japan Album “Great Escape” and “Mr. Taxi” with awesome and explicit dance moves and powerful singing voices. Watch their live performance below.

(note: you can download the High Quality version of this vid, credits goes to the uploader of this vid.)

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Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – 1st Japan Album Released!

Earlier today Girls’ Generation Official 1st Japan Album was release and numerous internet fan sites uploaded its audio version. The album which consist of 12 hit songs (eight newest songs and four remake songs from their Korean version that had various music genre) was greatly anticipated by many fans including Kpop / Jpop listenersEven before the release date (June 1, 2011) the album song teasers where continuously uploaded and listened to all over the internet and radio stations in Japan and the rest of the world and was also uploaded in various internet sites. Thus making their album a widespread hit in just a few days. With the release of their 1st Japan Album the girls also started their first Japan Tour yesterday in Osaka, Japan (for more info click here).

Watch / Listen to the album songs below.

1. Mr. Taxi (MV) <– click here

2. Genie (MV Japanese ver.)

3. You-aholic (Audio)

4. Run Devil Run (MV Japanese ver.) <– click here

5. Bad Girl (Audio)

6. Beautiful Stranger (Audio)

7. I’m In Love With The HERO (Audio)

8. Let It Rain (Audio)

9. Gee (MV Japanese ver.)

10. Great Escape (Audio)

11. Hoot (Japanese ver. Audio)

12. Born To Be A Lady (Audio)

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Secret – Starlight Moonlight (Newest MV + English subs)

Sexy and Cute, girl-group SECRET had recently released their newest (2nd single Album) Music Video entitled “Starlight Moonlight”. The lovely song portrays a mellow romantic concept, which shows a girl’s fantasy within a nice and romantic place (e.g. under a moonlight) meeting up with someone special or a lover. Watch their newest MV below.

(click “cc” for english subs)

Here are bonus song tracks from this album:

Secret – Oh! Honey (Audio)

Secret – Mellow-movie (Audio)

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