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Certain video clips that is inspiring, memorable, or captivating to the viewers.

Kim Taeyeon crying??

In an earlier episode of KBS Star Golden Bell (a Korean variety-quiz show), where Girl’s Generation were the guests of their 170th episode (during their Kissing You promotions). On a certain portion of the show comedian Kim Shinyoung and other comedian guests where to play against each other in popping their opponents balloon, while holding their partners hidden holes in their shirts, during the chaos of the game Kim Shinyoung was attack by the unforgiving armpits of her opponents, thus making her cry out loud for help. While  SNSD‘s leader Kim Taeyeon laugh boisterously and cried at the same time while watching the funny and hilarious events. Watch this video below.


If you want to watch the whole episode click here <—

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KARA – Aegyo Battle

Although I’m a full pledge SONE (name of Girls Generation/SNSD fans club) but I’m also a KAMILIA (name of KARA’s fans club). The girls of KARA shows their aegyo in this episode of TVN TAXI where they were asked by one of the MC how to show aegyo to their ideal type of guy. The girl group KARA is already a cute and pretty group but if they show their aegyo, then all KARA’s ideal guys (even male fans) will surely melt to their charms and cuteness.


To watch the whole episode Click Here <—

[credits/source: sweetmelodix]


here’s a bonus MV of KARA’s – Were With You


next post will be my top 3 favorite MV’s of KARA

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K.will – My Heart Beating ft. IU and MBLAQ Joon

Although I’m really not a big fan of K.will but this featured music video is one of my favorite because our very own IU is acting on it with MBLAQ‘s Joon as her love interest.  Starship Entertainment really made a good decision in featuring IU and Joon in this music video which will eventually increase and attracts more listeners and viewers because of IU and Joon’s fans and supporters. The two of them really show off cuteness and chemistry in this music video, Check it out below.


behind the scenes:

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BoA – Hurricane Venus (Music Video)


I’ve seen this MV before in MTV top 10 countdown and it was a hit from then until now. Released last August 05, 2010 by SM entertainment. The song content / concept had a fierce and charismatic look of BoA. This Kpop song also features the electronic and futuristic beat of today’s music that captivates to its listeners. BoAHurricane Venus” also appeared and acted on the action drama series “Athena: Goddess Of War” on Episode 7 part 5-6.

BoA – Hurricane Venus

click here for the live performance <—

click here to watch in 3D <—

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Dream High Special Concert (with English Subs)

If you’ve already finished watching Dream High from episode 1 – episode 16. And still wanted some more of your favorite Dream High cast, then here’s your opportunity to watch their Special Concert with translated english subs.

(credits/source: Pikeyenny)

set your youtube video setting to 480p if you want better video quality.

part 1 –

part 2 –

part 3 –

part 4 –

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Dream High – Maybe (Baby I’m In Love With You)

Featuring Hye Mi (Suzy) and Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) of Dream High, along with other major characters in the drama. Sung by Min Sun Ye here’s Dream High OST part.2 “Maybe”.

Cut version from the drama

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Mafia Idols

This is a music video of Big Bang with their hit single “Tell Me Goodbye“, the concept of this is video is having a 70s look where Mafia and Gangs exist. The Big Bang members looks so cool wearing 70s clothes  and acting like a gangster or an agent/spy. You can see here the strong charisma of the 5 members have in this video also with their powerful performance and voices the music video is really a must see. Below is one of the uploaded version of “Tell Me Goodbye” with English subs.


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