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All About Girls’ Generation “Paradise in Phuket” (teaser 1)

SM entertainment the producers of the best girl group “Girls’ Generation” recently released a video teaser of SNSD’s “Paradise adventure in Phuket, Thailand” which happened last August 2010 where the girls enjoyed various activities and games, and having a free time in their own spending a nice vacation on the lovely place. The DVD entitled “All About Girls’ Generation” which shows everything about our lovely girls contains the girls’ beginnings from when they where still rookies until they reach stardom, It also had the live performances of the girls like from their debut song “Into The New World” and their first winning moment / award from their song “Kissing You” and it also contains the making of their various hit music videos. It’s said that the release on sale of the 6 DVDs (Blu-ray disc will also be release) that is 715 minutes long (with English subs) will be on the 30th of this month. Please anticipate the release of the said DVDs, for the meantime watch the first teaser below.

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Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – 1st Japan Album Teaser

Beautiful-legged, girl group Girls’ Generation (SNSD) will be releasing their First Official Japanese Album on June 1st later this year. Which have 12 songs in it (4 remake of its Korean version and 8 newly hit songs, including their newest song Mr. Taxi). Here are two video teasers which surely will make you run and grab a copy of this album.

▷ Teaser List:
10. GEE

by: CodeMonmon

by: Amy


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After School – Album Comeback “Virgin” + “Shampoo MV”

After School is back with their First Official Album entitled “Virgin” within it is one of their newest song with a tract title “Shampoo”. This sweet song is nice and melodious to listen to, it also acts like as a teaser for their upcoming music videos of the following songs in this album. Watch their MV below.

After School – Shampoo MV

click here for the continuation of their “Shampoo MV” <—

Here’s an audio version of their song “Virgin”

The official release of the music videos will be on the 29th of this month.

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SNSD “Making of Marie Claire” + Mr. Taxi PV dance version

Mirror mirror on the wall tell me who’s the prettiest among them all?

I really can’t tell whom among the nine pretty girls of SNSD/Girls Generation is the prettiest because they are all explicitly beautiful to me. Even though I’m a Taengoo biased, these girls are really gorgeous and attractive. Well you decide yourself whom among these girls are like goddesses.

If you haven’t seen yet SNSD “Mr. Taxi” Promotional Dance Video. here it is. And a few more hours we will see their Official MV of Mr. Taxi. I just can’t wait for it anymore.

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SNSD – Mr. Taxi MV Teaser + Run Devil Run MV (Jap. version) + CFs

A few more days left before the Official Japanese MV of Girls Generation’s “Mr. Taxi” will be release. Here’s a sneak peek of their Official MV in HD. The Official MV is said to be release on the 27th of this month.

If you haven’t seen yet Girls Generation – Run Devil Run MV Japanese version, here it is:

Check out the girls latest SPAO Commercial with Felix the Cat.

for more SNSD/Girls Generation CF’s click here: <—

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SNSD “Mr. Taxi” [April 27th and waiting + Teaser]

While most of the SONEs including me awaits for the 3rd Official Japanese Single of Girls Generation entitled Mr. Taxi along within it is the Japanese version of Run Devil Run that will be release on April 27 this year, but before that let’s first look back and watch these videos where the girls started to do their sexy and hot dances / performances.

Girls Generation Sexy Dance


Girls Generation – Santa Baby at Gayo Festival 091231


Girls Generation – U-Go Girl by: Lee Hyori


Girls Generation – Mr. Taxi (audio teaser)

Please anticipate for more details of the release of Mr.Taxi on April 27, thank you.

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4minute’s 4th Japanese Single – “Why” + “Heart to Heart” + “Comeback Teaser”

After the successful release of their third Japanese hit single FIRST. The five member-girl group 4minute had consecutively released their 4th official Japanese single entitled “WHY” . They’ve also released their new mini-album with its track title “Heart to Heart” (featuring CNBLUE member Jungshin) both songs were release last February and March this year . The two songs both top the charts in Japanese Oricon Music Chart and Korean Music Charts.

With this post is also a 30 second audio teaser for their “Official Comeback Album” with its track title Steal 20 (with the concept that the girls are entering the more mature look in being a 20 year-old) Their official comeback will be happening later this year. Please anticipate for more details.

4Minute – Heart to Heart (fr. CNBlue’s Jungshin)

4Minute – “Why” (4th Japanese Single)

Audio Teaser of their Official Comeback Album – Steal 20

for more teasers of their official comeback click here <—

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