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The Fugitive Plan B (english subs)

Filmed all over Asia (Philippines, Japan, China, Thailand, South Korea) and starred/acted by the most sexy Korean actors and actresses. “The Fugitive Plan B” is a must watch drama-action series.

Synopsis: Private Detective Ji Woo (Rain/Bi) is a world-renowned private investigator who lust for money and girls. His fate changed when he met Jin Yi (Lee Na Young) a seemingly innocent girl who which her entire family were killed by a sinister organization, because her entire clan had information of a vast numbers of missing gold bars that were hidden by her grandfather during the Korean War. Thus many people who chase for the gold bars wanted her dead, which she seeks Ji Woo’s help to track down the criminals who killed her entire family. Unfortunately Ji Woo’s partner and friend Kevin was also murdered by the same organization, which was blamed after him. While escaping and planning in their next move to bring down the criminals Jin Yi’s alleged boyfriend Kai (Daniel Henney) gets jealous to Ji Woo because he also have feelings for her. This love triangle seems to be so complicated that it has many twist in the entire story.

Watch this Korean action-drama series you will surely like the full-pack action scenes in every episode.


Bi / Rain as Ji Woo
Lee Na Young as Jin Yi / Jini K.
Lee Jung Jin as Chief Detective Do Soo
Yoon Jin Seo as Detective Yoon So Ran
Daniel Henney as Kai
Sung Dong Il as Nakamura Hwang
Yoon Son Ha as Hwang Mi Jin
Takenaka Naoto as Hiroki (Kieko’s father)
Uehara Takako as Kieko
Gong Hyung Jin as Master Jang
Josie Ho/何超儀 as Hwa Yi
Jo Hee Bong as James Bong
Ti Lung/狄龙 as General Wie
Song Jae Ho as Yang Doo Hee
Kim Eung Soo as Yang Young Joon (Doo Hee’s son)
Danny Ahn as Baek Nam Jung
Kim Hyung Jong as Detective Kim
Jung Seung Kyo as Detective Lee
Kim Soo Hyun as Detective Park
Kim Soo Hyun as Sophie / Secretary Im
Song Shi Yeon as Nakamura Hwang’s secretary
Oh Ji Ho as Kevin (cameo)
Han Jung Soo as corrupt detective (cameo)
Lee Jong Hyuk as screening room interpreter (cameo)
Kwak Hyun Hwa as Ji Woo’s office secretary (cameo)
Lee Da Hae as Hye Won (cameo)
MBLAQ (cameo)
Ahn Suk Hwan (cameo – Ep. 3)

Production Credits

Director: Kwak Jung Hwan
Screenwriter: Chun Sung Il

MBLAQ – Running (The Fugitive Plan B OST)

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My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho (English subs)


This romantic comedy is a tale about of a nine-tailed fox (gumiho) who want’s to explore the real world and become a human, but the gods prohibit her and trapped her in a picture for 500 years. Until one day Cha Dae Woong (Lee Seung Ki) who ran away from his strict grandfather coincidently freed the Nine-Tailed Fox (Shin Min Ah), which takes the form of a young-beautiful woman, she saved Dae Woong from death when he was falling down from a clip, and eventually she follows him around everywhere he go causing misunderstanding that she is his girlfriend. When Cha Dae Woong knew she was a nine-tailed fox, he ends up stuck with her and does things to prevent her from harming him or eating him up alive. As time goes by both falls in-love with each other.

Cast and Characters

click the link below to watch this Korean drama series

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Secret Garden (English subs)

Synopsis: This romantic comedy depicts the story of Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), a very rich and arrogant CEO of a Department Store who scrutinizes every aspect of things and shows perfection of himself who meets and fell in-love with Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a pretty, poor girl whose occupation is being a stunt-woman, has good attitude and up-bringing. One day Joo Won mistakenly takes Ra Im as the actress whom his cousin’s acquainted with, but originally she’s only the stunt double, which lead to the start of their bickering relationship. To make things worst they were lost in a forest and came up to a weird place called “Secret Garden” where a witch gave them a potion which they’ve drunk and made their bodies swapped from each other. 

Cast and Characters:

Hyun Bin as Kim Joo Won
Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im
Yoon Sang Hyun as Choi Woo Young/Oska (Joo Won’s cousin)
Kim Sa Rang as Yoon Seul
Lee Philip as Im Jong Soo
Lee Jong Suk as Han Tae Ssun
Yoo In Na as Im Ah Young
Kim Ji Sook as Moon Yeon Hong
Park Joon Geum as Moon Boon Hong
Kim Sung Oh (김성오) as Kim Sung Woo (Joo Won’s secretary)
Choi Yoon So as Kim Hee Won (Joo Won’s sister)
Kim Sung Kyum as Moon Chang Soo
Lee Byung Joon as Park Bong Ho
Sung Byung Sook as Park Bong Hee
Yoon Gi Won as Choi Dong Kyu
Yoo Seo Jin as Lee Ji Hyun
Kim Gun as Yoo Jong Heon
Baek Seung Hee as Park Chae Rin
Kim Dong Gyoon as director
Kim Mi Kyung as guest house ahjumma
Song Yoon Ah as herself (cameo)
Lee Joon Hyuk as himself (cameo)
Beige (cameo)
Baek Ji Young as herself (cameo, ep 13)
Han Ye Won as Cherry (cameo, ep 15)
Kang Chan Yang
Jang Seo Won
Kim Sung Hoon

to watch this drama series <— click here

or watch it here (youtube) <—

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