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T-ara – “Roly Poly” (MV + Live Performance + Stage ver. + The Making)

Famous girl group T-ara is finally back with their new music video “Roly Poly” from their new album “John Travolta Wannabe“. The new song had a concept taken from one of John Travolta’s hit movie “Saturday Night Fever“. Unlike ordinary music video/s this one lasted 12 minutes which converted into a mini movie/music video. You’ll be blasted to the past to the classic-retro songs from the 70s up to the 80s. With dance moves that is explicit yet simple so that the listeners can follow it. Furthermore to catch the listener’s attention the song has an addictive beat and melody to make it the new national dance song in Korea. Watch the video/s below.

T-ara – Roly Poly MV

T-ara – Roly Poly (Live Performace / Comeback Stage)

T-ara – Roly Poly (Stage version)

T-ara – Roly Poly (The making of music video)


2NE1 – I Am The Best (MV + Comeback Stage / Live Performance)

Iconic girl group 2NE1 is back with their newest digital single “I am The Best” after their success with their latest ballad song “Lonely”. The quartet girl group is now promoting their newest KPop song that is yet to top the music charts again in Korea. Watch their MV and  live comeback stage performance below.

2NE1 – I Am The Best MV

2NE1 – I Am The Best (Live Performance / Comeback Stage)

click here for the audio version of this song <—


SNSD performs @ MTV Music Video Aid Japan

Asia’s no.1 girl group, “Girls’ Generation” had an impressive performance yesterday during the MTV Music Aid Japan along side with Lady Gaga, TOKIO HOTEL, co-label mate Shinee, and other several artists. The girls performed two songs from their first Japanese Album “The Great Escape” and “Mr. Taxi”. The girls where also nominated for three awards for MTV Music Video Aid Japan: Best Group Video, Best Video of the Year, and Best Karaokee! Song. The results will be announced on July 2, 2011, please anticipate for the results and watch their MTV performance below.

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Kara – Jet Coaster and Go Go Summer (Live performances @ Music Station)

The lovely girl group Kara is now back in Japan promoting their newest Japanese songs. They recently appeared on Asahi TV’s Music Station and performed live of their 3rd and 4th Japanese singles entitled “Jet Coaster Love and Go Go Summer”. Watch their live performances below.

If you haven’t seen their latest MV’s 

click here for “Jet Coaster Love”

click here for “Go Go Summer”

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f(x) – Hot Summer (MV 1st Repackage Album, + Live Performance)

Quintet girl group f(x) is back and even hotter with their latest MV “Hot Summer”. After the success of their first album “Pinocchio” with the lead single “Danger” they’re now back adding their latest hit song “Hot Summer” to their first album making it a full album (Repackage Album) . This music video will surely make you sing and groove to the beat of summer heat along with these coolest Kpop girls f(x). So watch their latest MV below.

Watch their live performance below:



5Dolls – Like This or That (MV + Live Performance)

The sub-unit group of Co-Ed School, 5Dolls (consisting of the five female members of Co-Ed School) had released their latest music video last May 11, 2011 entitled “Like This Or That” from their second mini-album “Time To Play”. The music video is really addictive to listen to and with its enticing and sexy dance moves had made this music video a hit in various music programs and internet sites. Watch this MV below.

Also watch their live performance


Sistar19 – Ma Boy MV + Live Performance + Dance Practice



Sistar19 (sub-unit group of Sistar) featuring members Bora and Hyolyn had released their digital single entitled “Ma Boy”. The music video “Ma Boy” had a nice pop-music tempo. The concept of the MV explicitly shows the girls maturity and sexiness with some sexy dance moves which will surely impress most of their male fans. Watch their MV below.


Watch their Live performance

Watch also their dance practice video