Brilliant Legacy/ Shining Inheritance

19 Feb

One of my favorite Korean drama series “Shining Inheritance” also known as “Brilliant Legacy” in some countries.

The story begins when Go Eun Sung (played by actress Han Hyo Joo) the main character accidentally switched bags with Sun Woo Hwan (played by actor Lee Seung Ki) at an airport. And when the two of them decided to met up so that they can exchanged their bags unfortunately Go Eun Sung’s father died with their business going bankrupt and having many debts. Thus making her step-mother insane and chase out Go Eun Sung and her brother out of their homes and out of her responsibility. In the later part of the story Sun Woo Hwan’s grandmother (Jang Sook Ja) had suffered from amnesia and can’t remember her name and who she is, Go Eun Sung takes care of her which she saw her in the street lying unconscious, after which the grandmother recovered from her amnesia, who originally owns a large chain of a food company, makes Eun Sung to let her move into their house and making her to inherit her business in the future, thus making Sun Woo Hwan and his family living with her in the same roof which makes the story more intense and that their arguing and bickering will continue because of the said inheritance. What will be the fate of these two opposite personalities will be? Will they continue fighting, or are they meant to be with each other? Find out more when you watch this Korean drama series.

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